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Dated: October 6 2020

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Sandy DeTuncq

Living in Texas since 1991 has made this California native feel right at home. Whether you are relocating, upsizing, downsizing or right-sizing, I use my expertise to help you open the door to your ne....

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Free Candy

Halloween is an un-holiday - untraditional, irreverant, unusual; full of BOOS and black cats.  A time to spend with family and friends; a excuse to dress up in ridiculous costumes and collect

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It Must Be True, I Saw It On the Internet

Do you dream in color? I did last night. I saw a glimpse of a beautiful sunset with wisps of deep purple and blue clouds streaming across a vivid orange and yellow fire ball sun. I thought, "What

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Are We Having Fun Yet?

As a Realtor, I do a lot of driving around the DFW area which gives me the opportunity to read a lot of bumper sticker and vanity plates. Or should I say try to decipher vanity plates...of course my

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